The Schwarzenbergerhof organic farm

What does organic mean?

The title 'organic' farm refers to the production of food and other farm products according to methods which are environmentally friendly, and ensure a welfare oriented animal husbandry.

We made that decision as we are convinced it is a form of farming that is close to nature. Our goal is ethical husbandry and the production of good quality wholesome food for humans and animals.

What can you expect here on our farm?
For a start there is Frieda, Fritzl and Fridolin – our miniature goats, grazing on the fresh grass right in front of the house. They share with 3 bunny rabbits Wolke, Flocke and Speedy.

Then there are the cows in the barn, you can enjoy their fresh milk every day.

Our chickens lay the breakfast eggs. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always enough for our guests.

And maintaining law and order, is our Appenzell mountain dog - Balu. After his morning rounds he also enjoys a bowl of fresh milk. 

In summer he has little to do, as the cows are up on the high pastures at Achensee. At 1550 metres in height pleasant temperatures make for better grazing. The animals as well as the farmer enjoy this time away.

Photos organic farm and high pastures